VALCHISONE terra bella in English


We support freedom of belief. We support freedom of speech. We support freedom of thought. We support freedom.

The wolf and the ‘magnin’.

Once upon a time, long ago, a magnin, a tinker, lived on the Sangle – San Germano Chisone. It tells how one day the magnin decided to go down to Martinat, another village of San Germano. Along the way he met a wolf. Scared he stepped back, slamming and resonate

February 17 Feast of Freedom

On February 17, the Waldensian Valleys Chisone and Germanasca remember the “Lettere Patenti” with which, in 1848, civil rights were granted to them. Not yet religious freedom, but a first step to get out of the ghetto de facto in the Waldensian Valleys. February 17, thus, the Feast of Freedom,

No, they are not the green

“When we hear that people do meetings to think about how to preserve the Creation we can say:” But no, are the green! ” No, they are not the green! This is Christian! It is our response to the “first creation” of