Standing over St. Benedict

Who invented the valleys remained so impressed by the beauty of his work, which has immediately decided to make balconies where such a masterpiece could be seen by humans.
So they’ll respect it, he thought.
That’s why every valley has a number of points, high and exposed, from where the look and the thought may wander.
In Chisone Valley the first of these pulpits is on Mount St. Benedict. As you enter, to the East. From there the view flies; immediately upstream where the valley bends to hide out, leaving only the valley of Pramollo and on the other over the plain, but you never see it, because it is right in the South and the sun will always hammers the eyes. You have to stand up in, of St. Benedict, so much it is tight. But luckily that is good rock, a mountain made of one piece. They call diorite, strange name to say Stone of Malaggio, and down there was a quarry to cultivate it and make beautiful things, of that stone.
Today stonemasons come from far away and speak languages unknown and different from that of the ancient stone, so they misunderstand each other and don’t do precious things any more.
Thank goodness that St. Benedict is already done, and to make your heart fly it’s enough to stand there, above it, very tight.

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