VALCHISONE terra bella in English

An excellent 2015!

The team of VALCHISONE terra bella wishes you an excellent 2015. Fabrizio, Franco, Giuliana, Luca, Marco, Noemi, Renzo e Sandro.

Christmas trees in Val Chisone

  Tanto per i vecchi quanto per i giovani, se s’andasse indietro nel tempo a scavare nei ricordi, una delle immagini più piacevoli che potrebbero emergere sarebbe quella del primo albero di Natale. Quello di noi bambini piccoli. Le


It is a village on the warm bank of Chisone,’ indritto’ Pragelato, on the path that from Soucheres Basses leads to the sheep pastures and then to Colle of Assietta. A beautiful village, those of the Republic of Escarton, the Republic

Waiting for that day

From a distance, that is from below because that’s where you get there, the Fort Grand Seren looks like a long stone wall, lying parallel to the horizon almost wanting to hold up the top of the mountain. A perfect long wall with sloping sides edges formed by huge squared