One needs a town, if only for the pleasure of going away, a town means not being alone, knowing that in the people, in the plants, in the land there is something of your...

Roccio Clapie

The steep valley that runs from Ruata to the Grand Truc, and beyond, to form the North side of the valley of Pramollo, is dotted with large jutting rocks, huge balconies from which to...

Persimmon for breakfast

  The fruits of persimmon ripen in early winter. For many species of birds are a source of food You can watch the video in high definition by clicking on “HD”.  

An excellent 2015!

The team of VALCHISONE terra bella wishes you an excellent 2015. Fabrizio, Franco, Giuliana, Luca, Marco, Noemi, Renzo e Sandro.