VALCHISONE terra bella in English

Ida Bert

In Val Germanasca surpassed Perrero, before you cross the bridge over the river of Massello, on the right there is a road that turns the traveler again towards the valley. And then a fork, taking right again, and always more you return on your steps to where you came, but

White of springtime

It is a colorful season the springtime, and among all colors who wins is the green, everywhere present, and then white, to capture the look, staring at the point where there is a flowering cherry tree, or a few days later , a wild pear, or an apple tree. Or,

Everything suddenly mute

The old mule track from the Hannibal Bridge – Pinasca – leading to the Great Dubbione, starts as straight as a dart. Up towards a closed horizon that you cannot yet imagine. After a short stretch

The cellar of the rooster

After a nice little walking, so much that Dubbione is only a memory, suddenly here is a group of houses, almost all in ruins. The Vitalba and the brambles are the masters of those tired stones, and the few houses still healthy and warmed by human breath, have the billhook