VALCHISONE terra bella in English

Never of wasted

Just a glance to understand that it is an oven. It almost seems to feel it, nearby, the smell of bread, at Comba Villa, Inverso Pinasca, in front of that house left all alone and not embraced to other as

The Bonfire of Liberty

On the evening of 16 February, at 20 o’clock, in the rather thick darkness, the mountains of Chisone and Germanasca seem to catch fire, fireworks and bonfires break and punctuate the night. With flickering light because alive. Of the closest you can hear the crackle of others sometimes the wind

Thanks Balma

I went to see snowing in Roure: rain! Then I reached Balma of Roure. Snow only on the ground, then rain again. When it is so you surrender , and since you’re there, you take a stroll … To find a narrow road that goes up between the houses, beautiful

The roe deer of Clos Beiran

A roe deer hurtles in front of me lightning. It is a messenger of the Mountain of Inverso , of Inverso Pinasca. She sent it to wake me from the dream. Because Clos Beiran appeared to me like a dream, in the snow, veiled away by fir branches. Many tidy